50+ Amazing Costumes You Need to Copy

I compiled this list of amazing costumes you need to copy this year. These costumes are suitable for Halloween, theme parties, and more! Hopefully, you find a look that you love. In this list there are over 50 characters, but over 70 total looks.

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A Cruella costume is a great idea if you want to be instantly recognizable. The white faux fur coat, black maxi dress, and red stilettoes can definitely be worn to other events. The red gloves and cigarette holder can be reused for future costumes.

Faux Fur Coat | Black Dress | Red Stilettos | Red Gloves | Two-Tone Wig | Cigarette Holder.

Lara Croft

This Lara Croft Costume is a great last minute costume and you may already have some of the pieces somewhere in your closet.

Chino Shorts in Black | High Neck Tank Top in Black | Black Combat Boots | Leg Holster | Black Grommet Belt.

Black Widow

You can never go wrong with a Black Widow costume. This one requires a little bit of DIY work. A black utility belt (or a plain black belt) can be worn as her first belt. You can use the Black Widow emblem pin and a piece of elastic to make Black Widow’s second belt.

A Black Jumpsuit with Holster and Utility Belt | 1in Black Elastic For Emblem Belt | Small Black Widow Emblem Pin | Combat Boots in Black | Gloves | Wig.

Space Cowgirl

Space Cowgirl costumes will probably be big this year. I included three different looks with pieces you can mix-and-match. This is a great costume idea if you want to do something with a group of friends.

Look 1

Pink Crop Top | Sequin Wrap in Black or Silver | Black Shorts | Silver Shorts | Cow Print Cowboy Hat |

Look 2

Cow Print Top | Metallic Pants | White Sneakers | Metallic Cowboy Hat.

Look 3

Cow Print Tank Top | Metallic Pink Shorts | Black Cowboy Hat


Both the Catwoman costume and the Batman costume resemble the costumes from “Batman Returns” (1992). These costumes are ready to wear so you will not have to worry about finding a lot of extra pieces to complete your look. This is definitely a show stopping couple look.

Complete Ready-to-Wear Catwoman Costume

Bonus Batman

Complete Ready-to-Wear Batman Costume

Harley Quinn

This Harley Quinn costume I put together has two replica pieces, a belt and boots. If you want to add to your costume, you can always put small tears in the shirt and draw a heart on your cheek.

Harley Quinn Raglan | Two-Tone Sequin Shorts | Fish Net Stockings | Boot Replica | Belt Replica | Two-Tone Dipped Wig


I put together two different angel looks. Both are great last minute costume ideas that will be popular year after year.

Look 1

White Wing and Halo Set | White Corset | Tulle Skirt | White Knee-High Stockings | White Stilettos

Look 2

Black Wing, Halo, and Mask Set | Black Dress | Rhinestone Pantyhose | Black Thigh-High Boots


This little devil costume has pieces you can add to your closet. The straps on the bralette may come up close to the neckline of the top, but any cute bralette will work for this look.

Glitter Horns Headband | Red Mesh Top | Black Bralette | Black Mini Skirt | Black Thigh-High Boots

Playboy Bunny

Playboy Bunny costumes will not go out of style. Similarly, to the Space Cowgirl costumes this is a great group costume idea. This costume is complete and ready to wear.

Complete Ready-to-Wear Playboy Bunny Costume


This is another great last minute costume and you may already own pieces like these. I put together three looks that you can model your costume after. All you have to do as add cat ears for a complete look.

Look 1

Cat Ear Headband | Black Catsuit | Bow Stilettos

Look 2

Cat Ear Headband | Lacey Bodysuit | Faux Leather Black Skirt | Black Knee-High Boots

Look 3

Cat Ear Headband | Leotard | Black Stockings | Choker | Black Knee-High Boots


The Harry Potter series has a special place in my heart. I just had to add a Hogwarts student costume. I included links to the items you can put together to form your perfect Hogwarts costume. What’s your Patronus?

Gryffindor Robe | Slytherin Robe | Hufflepuff Robe | Ravenclaw Robe | House Ties | Sweaters & Vests | White Button Down Shirt | Black Skirt w/ Shorts Under


There are so many directions to go in with witch costumes. I ended up putting together four different looks, but there are so many possibilities.

Look 1

Black Witch Hat | Black Bell-Sleeve Dress | Black Stockings | Suede Black Boots | Grimoire

Look 2

Black Witch Hat | Bodysuit | Black Glitter Shorts | Black Knee-High Boots

Look 3

Black Witch Hat | Glitter Mesh Top | Black Mini Skirt | Black Knee-High Boots

Look 4

Black Witch Hat | Bodysuit | Tulle Wrap | Bow Stilettos

Minnie Mouse

These Minnie Mouse costumes are family friendly options. Both of the dresses are vintage inspired and if you enjoy retro style they will make a great addition to your closet. This costume is another great couple costume idea. I included links to items that can be worn for a Mickey Mouse costume.

Look 1

Ears Headband | Red & White Polka Dot Dress | Yellow Stilettos w/Ankle Strap | White Gloves

Look 2

Ears Headband | Rockabilly Red & White Polka Dot Dress | Yellow Pumps | White Gloves

Bonus Mickey Mouse

Plain Black T-Shirt | Red Shorts | Yellow Sneakers

Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

Similarly to the Minnie Mouse costume, I found a cute retro inspired dress for the Alice in Wonderland costume.

Blue Dress | White Apron | Black Bow Headband | White Tights | Black Mary Janes | Blonde Wig

Velma & Daphne

Velma and Daphne costumes are a great idea for a dynamic duo. If you have an additional friend, they can dress up as Fred.


Costume Glasses | Orange Turtleneck Top | Pleated Red Skirt | Orange Socks | Red Mary Janes | Brown Bob Wig


Dress with Scarf | Purple Flats | Ginger Wig | Purple Headband

Bonus Fred

White Sweater | Blue Button Down | Orange Scarf | Brown Dress Shoes

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is actually one of my favorite characters. I even dressed up in a Wednesday Addams costume one year for NY Comic Con.

Black Dress with White Collar | Black Wig | Black Stockings | Black Mary Janes

Wonder Woman

Here are two incredibly cute ready-to-wear Wonder Woman costumes.

Look 1

Complete Ready-To-Wear Wonder Woman Costume | Red Stilettos

Look 2

Complete Ready-To-Wear Wonder Woman Costume | Gold Boots


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Be- This Beetlejuice costume will make you stand out at your next costume party.

Striped Jacket | Striped Pants | Black Crop Top | Black Stiletto | Green Wig

Dr. Ellie Sattler

This Dr. Ellie Sattler costume is another look you may have the pieces for already.

Coral Button Down | Khaki Chino Shorts | Light Blue Shirt | Brown Belt | Park Badge


You can always dress up in a super cute Tinman costume. A little bit of DIY work is needed for the funnel. You can try to hot glue it to a headband so it stays on your head all night.

Silver Dress | Silver Go-Go Boots | Funnel | Metallic Silver Face & Body Paint


I will admit… I am into with all things Dalmatian print right now. This Dalmatian costume would look so cute in a group, especially if you have a Cruella.

Dalmatian Ears, Bow, and Tail Set | Black Cropped Tank Top | Dalmatian Print Skirt | Black Knee-High Boots | Black Makeup Crayon


This referee costume is a great last minute look.

Referee Shirt | Black Biker Shorts | Whistle


If you love Arrowverse as much as I do, you will love this ready-to-wear Supergirl costume.

Complete Ready-To-Wear Supergirl Costume | Red Go-Go Boots

Jessica Rabbit

This Jessica Rabbit costume is pretty dressy and you can definitely re-wear this dress. This is a great wedding guest dress.

Red Gown | Purple Gloves | Red Stilettos | Wavy Red Wig


This is a super easy and comfortable costume idea.

Giraffe | Cow | Snorlax


I would totally wear this assassin costume.

Black Catsuit | Corset | Gaiter | Gloves | Cloak


These fuzzy two-piece sets are super cute and they look very comfortable. I think this makes the perfect bunny costume.

Furry Pink Set | Bunny Ears Pink | White Go-Go Boot | Furry Purple Set | Bunny Ears Purple

Mario & Luigi

These Mario and Luigi costumes are another duo costume idea.


Hat, Moustache, Glove, and Button Set | Red Shirt | Blue Pinafore


Hat, Moustache, Glove, and Button Set | Green Shirt | Blue Pinafore


Minions are super easy costumes to put together and they make great group costumes.

Yellow Beanie | Yellow Shirt | Blue Pinafore | Goggles

80s Jazzercise

80s Jazzercise costumes are so fun and vibrant. There are so many possible combinations.

Look 1

Leotard | Leggings | Legwarmers, Arm Warmers, and Sweatband Set

Look 2

Leotard | Shorts | Legwarmers, Arm Warmers, Hairbands and Sweatband


These flapper costumes are so cute that I wish I could throw a “Roaring Twenties Party” right now! There are three flapper inspired looks to get you started. I also added two additional 1920’s costumes so you can coordinate with a larger group if you want to.

Look 1

Complete Ready-To-Wear Flapper Costume | Shoes

Look 2

Complete Ready-To-Wear Flapper Costume | Shoes

Look 3

Flapper Accessories | Black Flapper Dress | Shoes

Bonus 1920s Look

Complete Ready-To-Wear 1920s Costume | Shoes

Bonus 1920s Look 2

Complete Ready-To-Wear 1920s Costume | Shoes

Everyday Girl 1970s

I actually might buy something like this. I am in love with this 1970s inspired look. For this outfit, I pulled inspiration from photos from the 1970s. I added a 1970s inspired companion look.

Look 1

Yellow Button-Down Shirt | Green Plaid Skirt | White Knee-High Socks | Green Scarf | White Penny Loafers

Bonus 70s Look

Paisley Button-Down | Wine-Red Flare Pants

Black Cat

This costume requires a bit off DIY. You will have to attach strips of the trim to your arms and legs. If you want to leave the catsuit unaltered so you can use it for other costumes, you can try attaching the trim with a small piece of Velcro or try to make straps using some black elastic.

Catsuit | White Trim | Black Mask | White Wig | Choker


This police officer costume is a super cute last minute costume.

Complete Ready-To-Wear Cop Costume | Black Boots


This cheerleading costume works well in large groups of friends.

Uniform | Pom Poms

Garden Fairy

This garden fairy costume is fun and whimsical. It is also super easy to put together.

Green Corset | Gold Tutu | Mustard Shorts | Wings


This convict costume is another easy last minute costume. It also goes well with the police officer costume.

Orange Jumpsuit


Nurse costumes are another costume idea that will never go out of style.

Look 1

Complete Ready-To-Wear Nurse Costume | Red Heels

Look 2

Scrubs Set | White Crocs

Lily (Jungle Cruise)

This Lily from Jungle Cruise Costume uses pieces that you may already have in your closet.

Light Blue Dotted Shirt | Brown Pants | Safari Shirt | Floral scarf | Safari Hat | Hiking Boots

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff has a style I really like. I gave you guys two options for Wanda costumes. The first look was inspired by her look in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and it includes items you can always wear again as separates. The second look is a complete ready to wear option based on her “Captain America: Civil War” look.

Look 1

Black Skater Dress | Red Jacket | Red Tank Top | Black Knee-High Socks | Black Combat Boots | Circle Earrings | Assorted Rings

Look 2

Complete Ready-To-Wear Wanda Maximoff Costume | Alternate Leggings

Mad Scientist

This is another great last minute costume. You might already have some of this stuff from college lab classes.

Lab Coat | Lab Gloves | Black Boots | Lab Goggles

Space Galaxy Girl

This super cute galaxy girl outfit actual looks great in groups too!

Metallic Two-Piece | Antenna Headband | Bright Bob | Silver Sunglasses | Silver GoGo Boots

Holly Golightly

This Holly Golightly costume is great for any costume party. The black dress and heels can always be worn again.

Black Dress | Accessory Set | Hair Pin | Heels

GoGo Girl

This GoGo Girl costume is easy to put together and the boots can be used for other costumes. I listed two different boot heel heights.

Complete Ready-To-Wear GoGo Girl Costume | Gogo Boots Low | Gogo Boot High

Tina Belcher

This Tina Belcher costume is extremely easy.

Light Blue T-Shirt | Navy Blue Skirt | White Socks | Black Sneakers | Yellow Hair Clips | Black Bob | Black Glasses


Am I the only one who thinks clowns aren’t always creepy? This clown costume I put together is fun and playful.

Rainbow Corset | Layered Rainbow Tutu | Rainbow Socks | Long Rainbow Wig

Jorgen Von Strangle

This Jorgen Von Strangle costume has a lot of pieces you may already own.

Studded Arm Cuffs | Green Tank Top | Camo Pants | Suspenders | Studded Boots Low | Studded Boots High | Gold Crowns | Fairy Wand

Regina George

For this Regina George costume you just have to cut circles in the white tank top then, layer the tank tops. If you want an extra prop, you can check out this Burn Book Notebook.

White Tank Top | Purple Camisole | Black Skirt | Black Heels | Blonde Wig


Cupid costumes are another fun costume idea.

Look 1

Red Corset | Red Tutu | Bow & Arrow Prop | Red Wings | Red Stilettos

Bonus Look

Complete Ready-To-Wear Cupid Costume


These costumes are inspired by Edna from “The Incredibles”. I included both a dress that just reminds me of Edna, and a ready to wear Edna costume.

Look 1

Blue Color Block Dress | Wig and Glasses Set | Opaque Black Tights

Look 2

Complete Ready-To-Wear Edna Costume | Opaque Black Tights


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50+ Amazing Costumes You Need to Copy
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