How To Look Elegant & Polished Without Breaking The Bank

I know that sometimes you want to look more put together than usual for class, work, or an event. Certain bad habits can make someone look unpolished. A few shifts in your wardrobe and self-care regimen can change your entire look. This article will give you tips that will help you look elegant and polished.

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1. Keep Your Nails Tidy

When trying to look elegant and polished you should try to keep your nails clean and shaped. Having dirt under your nails or having jagged nails can bring down your whole look. Jagged and rough edges on your nails can also tear your clothing or mess up your hair. You can keep your nails clean by using a small nail brush. Jagged and rough edges on nails can be clipped and smoothed using nail clippers and an emery board. You should also try to avoid having chipped nail polish.


2. Make Sure Your Hair Is Presentable 

When it comes to hair, there are various styles that look elegant and polished. Make sure your hair is clean and does not look like you just rolled out of your bed. Here are some great styles:

3. Clean And Polish Your Shoes

Shoes can get scuffed and dirty which can make them look old and worn out. Sometimes just cleaning your shoes and replacing old frayed laces can make them look brand new. You can use a special brush or a white eraser to clean your suede shoes. To clean your finished leather or patent leather shoes you can use a microfiber cloth dipped in petroleum jelly to shine them. The petroleum jelly will not only leave them shiny, but it will also soften the leather and reduce the chances of cracking. If your finished leather has scuff marks or looks worn down, you can try using shoe polish.


4. Wear Clothes That Fit You

Having clothes tailored for a better fit can make a huge difference. If your sleeves or pant legs are too long, having them hemmed can actually make your clothes last longer. When pants legs and sleeves are too long, they may get torn. There are some great tutorials on YouTube that show you how to hem pants that are too long. If you can not sew, many dry cleaners also offer alteration services.


5. Leave Your PJs At Home

I am a huge fan of fuzzy pajama pants, but I never wear them to class, work, or even the supermarket. I know that it is so tempting to wear your fuzzy bed slippers to the library. In order to look elegant and polished, you should refrain from wearing your bed wear outside.

6. Do Not Wear Crushed Clothing

Even if your clothes are freshly washed, leaving them crushed can cause you to look dirty and unkempt. To remove wrinkles, you can iron your clothing or steam them. Some fabrics do not need to be ironed or steamed if you change the setting on your dryer.



How To Look Elegant & Polished Without Breaking The Bank

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