Best Star Wars Themed Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Shopping for gifts can be extremely hard. If you are trying to find a Star Wars themed gift for your loved one or you are looking for a Star Wars Franchise item for yourself, this is the article for you. This list includes amazing Star Wars themed gifts fans will love. These are suitable as Christmas gifts, birthday gift, graduation gifts, or any other occasion. There is something on this list for any budget. I included gifts inspired by different shows and movies in the franchise.

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Packaging Your Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift wrap, ViolaGraceShop on Etsy has an amazing selection of Star Wars themed wrapping paper and greeting cards. There are three 20×29 in (66×73.5 cm) sheets in each roll. You can check out more of the beautiful card and wrapping paper patterns the ViolaGraceShop has to offer HERE.

Star Wars Inspired Card Games

HyperSpaceProps offers extremely realistic card game replicas and credit replicas. They sell two variations of Sabacc, Corellian Spike and Rebel style Sabacc. They also have a Pazaak replica.  You can purchase directly from the HyperSpaceProps website HERE or you can purchase from their Etsy shop HERE. In addition to their card game replicas, they have other great Star Wars props in their shop and they also have a Star Wars blog you can read HERE.

Tools For Baking

You can find Star Wars themed cookware in the CraftyPenguinGB Etsy shop. This shop sells handmade wooden spoons and spatulas with adorable Star Wars puns on them. There are also Star Wars themed cookie cutters available. You can view the CraftyPenguinGB Etsy shop HERE.


Bossaber is a Etsy shop that offers both base-lit and neopixel light sabers. This shop has beautifully crafted hilts. This shop also has adapters for sale. Using an adapter you can attach two light lightsabers to form one double bladed lightsaber. You can check out this shop HERE.


The Betonven shop on Etsy is a concrete art shop that offers several concrete pots in many styles and sizes. These are the perfect gift to get a Star Wars fan with a green thumb. You can check out the Betonven shop on Etsy HERE. The Betonven shop also sells other concrete art pieces.

Neon Wall Art

NerdyWood8008 is an Etsy shop that sells well crafted LED wall art. This vibrant wall art is a great way to add personality to a space. This shop has energy efficient edge lit signs. In addition to their Star Wars signs, the NerdyWood8008 shop has handcrafted signs that feature logos and characters from a lot of other well known media franchises. You can check out their shop HERE.


RECORDCLOCKSUSA is an Etsy shop that sells themed clocks that are made out of recycled vinyl records. This shop has many interesting Star Wars clocks, but offers clocks from other major fandoms as well. You can see their beautiful clocks HERE.


Disney+ Watcher

Disney+ subscriptions are an awesome gift idea for Star Wars Fans. They will be able to binge watch all of their favorites and check out some of the Disney+ exclusives.

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Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines can be great collectible gifts to give to any Star Wars franchise collector or superfan. There is a large variety of characters to choose from. Some of the Star Wars collectibles are affordable, costing less than $10. There are also plenty of adorable Funko Pop! Keychains.

Operation Game

Wookie Operation Game

This is a great gift for any Star Wars fans who are also fans of Hasbro Gaming’s Operation Game. Families can play this together. This is also a great gift for children (over the age of 6). This game comes in Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Grogu variations.


Star Wars Themed Moleskin

If the person you are trying to find a gift for loves writing, a journal may be the perfect gift to give them. This can help them keep track of their ideas or stay organized.


Darth Vader Lego Helmet

I mentioned Lego sets in my article “12 Amazing Essential Self-Care Items That Will Improve Your Routine” that you can read HERE. I think assembling Lego sets are a great stress relieving activity.

Pyrex Set

Pyrex has Star Wars themed sets that would go very well with the spoons and spatulas from CraftPenguinGB.

Periodic Table Of Star Wars T-Shirt

Periodic Table Of Star Wars Shirt

This periodic table T-Shirt is a fun conversation starter.

3D Night Light

3D Night Light

These fun night lights have three different plate designs, Millennium Falcon, Death Star, and R2-D2. It also has 16 different color options.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Star Wars "The Mandalorian" Themed Puzzle

Similarly to Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles can be a great stress relief activity.  This is a 500 piece “The Mandalorian” themed puzzle.

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Best Star Wars Themed Gifts For Your Loved Ones
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