The Ultimate Fall Activity List | Affordable Autumn Activities

This is a fall activity list that will keep you busy this season. There are affordable autumn activities on this list that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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Fall Activity Apple Picking

1. Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great activity to do with your friends and family. My family picks apples almost every year!

2. Take A Hayride

This can be a fun activity to do with your friends and family.

3. Learn How To Bake A Pie

You can learn how to bake pies this fall! Some sweet pies that are popular in the fall are sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and cranberry pie. Some savory pies you can try are spinach feta pie and Shepard’s pie (my personal favorite).

Fall Activity Pumpkin Picking

4. Go Pumpkin Picking

Whether you actually go pumpkin picking or just select pre-picked pumpkins, this can be a fun fall activity.

5. Roast Marshmallows

You can tell scary stories while roasting marshmallows with your friends and family.

6. Learn How To Knit A Scarf

Homemade scarves are also a wonderful homemade gift idea. If you struggle with using knitting needles, you can try knitting on a loom.

7. Decorate Your Porch And Yard For The Fall

You can make your home look more festive by putting up fall décor. There are adorable pre-made scarecrows and you can put a cute fall wreath up.

Fall Activity Pumpkin Carving

8. Carve A Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is a great fall activity. Jack-o-lanterns can make cute, funny or even creepy décor pieces. Amazon has an affordable pumpkin carving tool kit.

9. Go On A Nature Walk

Nature walks are perfect for practicing mindfulness. I also find that nature walks can spark my imagination. Don’t forget your binoculars.

10. Binge Watch Holiday Movies

To be honest, I watch holiday movies all throughout the year. A lot of new holiday movies get added to streaming services during the fall.

11. Decorate Your Table With Fall Themed Table Settings

I love festive table settings. You can spruce up the table with a beautiful fall leaf table runner, or a fall centerpiece.

12. Try Out Some New Apple Recipes

You can try making apple cider, different flavors of apple sauce, apple muffins, apple crisp, and more!

Fall activity paint a pumpkin

13. Paint A Pumpkin

If pumpkin carving is not your thing, you can try painting a pumpkin using craft paint. One year I painted a Beetlejuice themed pumpkin. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bee-

14. Visit A Local Farmers Market

This is a great way to support your local farmers. You can enjoy this fresh locally sourced produce.

15. Decorate Your Walls For Fall

You can decorate with fall leaf garland or fall wall art printables.

16. Roast Some Corn

Don’t forget to add butter! Yum!

17. Go On A Hike With Your Friends

If there is a nice trail near you, you can go on a hike. This is a great way to stay active during the fall.

Fall activity squash recipes

18. Try New Squash Recipes

There are so many squash recipes to keep you busy, pumpkin spice cookies, butternut squash soup, pumpkin bread, and more.

19. Sign Up For A Virtual Escape Room

A few companies offer digital escape rooms via. Zoom. This can be a fun fall activity that can help you bond with your loved ones who live far away.

20. Make Some Fall Crafts

If you are feeling crafty, you can DIY your fall décor.

21. Learn How To Make Candles

You can make candles with scents that remind you of fall. These can also make wonderful gifts

22. Try Some Maple Syrup Flavored Recipes

Maple syrup actually makes a wonderful glaze for squash, sweet potatoes or even for fish.

23. Collect Donations For Shelters

This is something that is great to do all year, but now is a great time to focus on collecting warm clothing for the upcoming cold months.

24. Have A Scary Movie Marathon

Time to grab a bowl of popcorn and a warm blanket.

25. Make Hot Chocolate

You can add marshmallows, whipped cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, or even maple syrup to your hot chocolate.

26. Bake A Fall Themed Dessert

PreppyKitchen on YouTube has a lot of wonderful recipe videos. He made a video showing how you can make mini pumpkin shaped cakes. You can watch it HERE.

27. Try A Caramel Recipe

You can make caramel apples, add caramel to your coffee/hot chocolate, drizzle it on your pies, or have some with your ice cream.

28. Paint Something Fall Themed

I have been subscribed to TheArtSherpa on YouTube and followed her painting tutorials for many years. Watch her videos HERE.

29. Read A Scary Book

Stephen King and Niel Gaiman both write amazing horror stories.

30. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

This is another thing that is great to do throughout the year. Many churches and pantries have soup kitchen events around the holidays.

31. Put Together Your Halloween Costume

This is a great time to put together your Halloween costume… or buy one (don’t worry…I wont tell on you).

32. Prepare For Winter

I like to take all of my knits out of storage during the fall. I also like to start purchasing holiday gifts for my loved ones.

Fall activity stargaze

33. Go Stargazing

The fall skies are actually very clear and great for star gazing. You can stargaze with or without a telescope.

Fall activity picnic

34. Have A Picnic

Early fall is perfect for picnics and you can have one anywhere. You can grab your picnic basket, and a blanket. If you do not want to worry about forgetting something, you can get a picnic set that includes the basket, the blanket, the plates, glasses, and more!

35. Write A Letter To Someone You Care About

This is a great way to make someone feel loved and remembered. You can get printable stationary HERE.

36. Do Some Fall Gardening 

Kale, lettuce, spinach and other greens can be planted in the fall. You can also plant bulbs that will flower next year

37. Collect Fallen Leaves, Acorns And Pinecones

You can collect these and use them for your fall crafting. You can also use the leaves as stamps or frame them.

38. Take Your Holiday Photos

This is a great time to take and send family pictures for the holidays.

39. Make Potpourri

This a a great way to add aromas that remind you of fall to your home. It can also make a nice centerpiece.


The Ultimate Fall Activity List | Affordable Autumn Activities

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  1. Wow what an amazing list of fun fall things to do! I love this. Apple picking is one of my favorite things to do and hayrides / pumpkin patches too.

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