15 Beautiful Journals That You Need Right Now

Journals can be a great gift to give to anyone who enjoys writing. Thoughts and plans can be organized in journals easily. A great journal or notebook can be used to document experiences, record ideas, practice doodles, create customized planners, track habits and more. This is a list of journals that I personally find beautiful. In my opinion, these journals are worth having.

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1. Simply Genius Mini Leatherette Journals

Journal Set Amazon

These lined journals are very small and easy to carry with you when you travel. There is a pocket and ribbon bookmark inside of each journal. They come in packs of 12. You can buy them HERE.

2. Dingbats Earth Dotted Hardcover Journal

The A5 dotted paper in this notebook is great for creating your own customized planner. These are also a great option if you are interested in bullet journaling, calligraphy, doodling, or improving your handwriting. This journal has a pocket, two ribbon bookmarks, and a pen loop. You can get it HERE

3. Luxury Notebooks

The notebooks in this 2-pack are 8.25″ by 5.65″. These are lined and perforated. There are two ribbon bookmarks and a pocket in each journal. You  can buy this pack HERE.

4. Graphique Pink Charm Journal

This small spiral notebook is just too cute. It is a hardcover. The paper in this notebook is lined. You can get it HERE.

5. Tree of Life Journal 

This beautiful small journal has very faint lines. It is 5″ by 7″. You can purchase it HERE.

6. Little More Dot Grid Notebook 

The Little More Dot notebook has index pages that will help you stay organized. This book has  153 numbered dotted pages and 42 blank pages. It has two ribbon bookmarks, a pen loop and it comes with a set of stickers! You can get this notebook HERE.

7. Smile More Worry Less

This beautiful floral print spiral notebook has a pocket inside. It is hardcover and water resistant. You can buy it HERE.

8. Inspirational Golden Wisdom Notebooks 

Each of these notebooks has a motivational message on them. It is a pack of four hardcover lined notebooks. The paper is A5 size. You can get this set HERE.

9. Settini Black Bee Journal

This is a lined hardcover notebook. It has a pocket and a ribbon bookmark. You can purchase this book HERE.

10. Travel Journal Set

This is a nice plain notebook set. The notebooks are soft cover. There are three different paper options, lined, dotted, and graph paper. Get them HERE.

11. JoyNote Classic Notebook

The JoyNote Classic Notebook has a flexible soft cover. This book is water resistant. The paper is A5 sized and lined. It comes with a gel ink pen. You can buy it HERE.

12. Keegood Wood-Color Notebooks

This notebook is hardcover and it has a pen loop. It is 8.5″ by 5.8″. There are two available paper options, dotted and lined. Tab dividers and a small ruler are included. You can purchase it HERE.

13. Classic Hardcover Notebook

This beautiful floral print notebook has dotted grid pages. The dotted grid paper makes this a suitable choice for making custom planners and doodling. You can purchase it HERE.

14. Eco-Friendly Natural Cork Notebook

This hardcover cork notebook has a leather-like feel. It has dotted grid paper and it has a pen loop. The notebook has a ribbon bookmark. Buy it HERE.

15. AmazonBasics Bonded Leather Journal Set

This is a set of 5 books. These books are hardcover and lined. You can get this set HERE.

15 Beautiful Journals That You Need Right Now
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