Ultimate Gift Guide: 30+ Awesome Gifts For College Students

I know that it can be difficult to figure out what you should give to a college student. This ultimate gift guide is a list of gifts that I believe are suitable for any occasion. This gift guide has gifts at varying price points.

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  1. Comfortable Bed Slippers

It is great for college students to have a soft and warm pair of bed slippers. These are perfect to wear around the dorm.

Here are some slippers I like:

  1. Tablet 

Tablets are an extremely helpful gift. They are far easier to carry to class than a laptop and this gift will help college students stay organized. I personally own an iPad, but I have used a GalaxyTab as well. I strongly recommend either tablet. You can also get a stylus so the tablet can be used as a digital notebook or a keyboard so it operates more like a laptop. I carried my tablet to class daily, then transferred everything to my laptop using Google Drive. I never had to worry about losing an assignment.

These tablets they may enjoy using:

  1. Journal Set or Notebook Set

This is a nice gift to give to students who love writing. A nice journal can be used for them to organize their thoughts. Journaling can be a great self-care activity for college students and it can help them document all of their experiences.

Here are some journals I like:

  1. Speaker

A speaker is a great gift for a college student. It is a bonus if the speaker is waterproof and has Bluetooth connectivity. A waterproof  and Bluetooth connective speaker can be taken to the shower or the gym. 

This is a speaker they may enjoy using:

  1. Earphones or Headphones

Earphones and headphones are perfect for when they can not use their speakers. They can take these into the library, computer labs, and study rooms. Noise cancelling headphones are perfect for when they really need to study.

Here are some of the popular earphones and headphones on the market:

  1. A Backpack 

A nice backpack to carry their stuff is always a suitable gift for a college student.

I think these backpacks look really nice:

  1. Mirror

Most dorm rooms do not come with a mirror, so this is a great gift for a college student. If you give them a mirror they will be able to check their makeup or look at their outfit from the comfort of their room. There are small desktop mirrors that are a perfect gift for people who wear makeup. There are also full length mirrors that they can hang on the back of their door. 

These mirrors might look nice in their room:

  1. Shiatsu Back Massager

I actually recommended this in a self-care gift guide I wrote. You can read that article HERE. This item is used regularly in my home and I recommend giving this to someone as a gift.

This is the model I bought:

  1. Face Masks

These are great for an in dorm spa day. They may enjoy these after a stressful exam or after completing a hard assignment. You may have to research to find masks that will work for their skin type.

These are some masks that work for me:

  1. Foam Mattress Topper

Most dorm beds are not really comfortable. A foam mattress topper can add a lot of extra comfort. Hopefully it can allow them to get better sleep.

This is a mattress topper I like:

  1. Water Bottle

It will always be nice for them to get a good water bottle that will keep their water cool for as long as possible. 

Here are some water bottles they may like:

  1. Essential Oil Set & Diffuser 

This is a perfect gift for college students getting into aromatherapy. Certain oils are great for improving memory and stress relief. You can read my article covering the best essential oils for studying. You can read it HERE.

These sets of essential oils include some of my favorite essential oils:

  1. Face Steamer

Facial steamers are great self-care gifts. They can be very calming and can improve skin health.

This is the face steamer I like:

  1. Streaming Device

I personally have a Roku, but there are many great streaming devices on the market. My friends all have different devices. These are great for streaming Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more! 

Here is the streaming device I use and some of the devices my friends have:

  1. Under-bed Storage Units

These are a great gift, because space is limited in many dorm rooms. Having underbed storage can help them stay organized while utilizing as much space as they can.

I like these under-bed storage units:

  1. Air Purifier

A lot of dorms do not have the best air quality and can feel a bit stuffy. This gift may help them filter out some of the harmful toxins that may be in the air. It may also help by filtering out germs and allergens.

This is the newer model of the air purifier I have:

  1. Lap Desk 

Sometimes students want to study from the comfort of their bed. A lapdesk can make it easier for them.

I like this lap desk:

  1. Warm Blanket

A nice warm blanket can add character to their room or just remind them of you.

I love blankets like these:

  1. Memo Board 

Many college students have a really packed schedule. They can feel a lot of pressure when trying to remember the dates of events or when their assignments are due. A memo board can help them stay on track.

They may like these memo boards:

  1. Desk Organizer & Storage

Desk organizers can help them keep their desk tidy so they can find their things easily.

These are some of the some of the organizers I like:

  1. Storage Bins

Storage bins can help them sort through their things. This could be a great gift for people who are always losing things.

I love these storage bins:

  1. Reading Pillow

This may make them more comfortable while they are sitting up in bed studying, reading or watching television.

I like this pillow:

  1. Smart Watch

There is a wide variety of smart watches on the market that are suitable for different lifestyles. They will be able to send messages directly from their watch and track their physical activity.

These are some of the popular smart watches on the market:

  1. A Dorm Bedding Set

These can be great gifts, selected based on their personal style. If they live in campus housing, they may have a twin XL bed.

I like how these bedding sets look:

  1. Coffee Cup

This is a great gift to give, because you can find a coffee cup that really suits your loved one’s style. 

Here are some coffee cups they may like:

  1. Nice Candles

You can always get great smelling candles with seasonal smells, smells that are nostalgic for them, or even smells that help with aromatherapy.

Here are some candles the may love:

  1. Ultraviolet Disinfectant Pouch

I was actually gifted one of these and I love it. They can place small items in this pouch to be disinfected. I have used it on my phone and glasses so far.

This is a pouch that is similar to the one that was gifted to me:

  1. String Lights 

String lights can really make a dull dorm room more lively. There are also string lights that come with clips that they can hang pictures with.

Here are some string lights they may like: 

  1. Keurig & K-cups

This can save students a lot of time and money. It is super easy to use and they will not have to worry about waiting in line for a cup of coffee before class. Some coffee shops even sell K-cups for their most popular blends.

This is the Keurig model I have and some K-cups to go with it:

  1. Glass Food Containers

They can always store their leftovers in these containers or use them to pack treats to take with them.

I love these containers:

  1. Alternative Lighting 

Not all dorms come with lighting in each room. In one of the buildings I lived in, we were required to bring our own lighting. Another building I lived in, had very dim overhead lights.

I love the aesthetic of these lamps:

  1. Games 

This is perfect for college students who like to have an occasional game night with a group of their friends.

Here are some of my favorite board games, puzzle games and card packs:

Hopefully, there is something in this gift guide that your college student will love! The gifts listed in this gift guide are suitable for birthdays, move-in-day gifts, holidays, or other occasions.

Ultimate Gift Guide: 30+ Awesome Gifts For College Students
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