This blog post covers 10 amazing apps I have used. Some of these apps also have premium versions, but the free versions are very good. I am always looking for new apps to try. I hope some of these apps will help you as much as they helped me.

1. Libby by Overdrive [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Libby by Overdrive is an awesome app that allows you to borrow digital books from your local library by just putting in your library card number. You can borrow both ebooks and audiobooks using this app. Libby has a built in ebook reader, but you can also send your borrowed books to your Kindle app. 

2. ThinkUp [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE ]

ThinkUp is a positive affirmation app. You can record personal voice notes of positive affirmations. The app puts your voice notes into a playlist and adds calming background music. You can record any affirmations you want, but ThinkUp has a library of affirmation suggestions if you do not know where to start.

3. OpenStax+SE [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

OpenStax+SE offers their own set of OpenStax textbooks that are completely free. Right now OpenStax+SE offers textbooks in math, science, social science, humanities, and business. They also have helpful companion resources for their textbooks. These books are well written, and make difficult concepts easy to understand.

4. Wabbitemu  [ Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Wabbitemu is a calculator emulator. It can mimic various Texas Instruments models.

5. Relax Melodies [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Relax Melodies has plenty of audio meditations, white noise sounds, and calming music. You can layer sounds and music on top of each other to create your own calming mix.

6. Speechify [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Speechify is a text to audio app, but it is currently in beta mode. The beta version is open to the public. This app turns news articles into audio files so you can listen to them on the go. You can also upload your own PDFs to the app to have them converted to audio.

7. Reddit [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Reddit is a social news aggregator and discussion app. There are subreddits (forums)  on a wide range of topics. There are also subreddits that focus on homework help.

8. Khan Academy [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Khan Academy is a learning platform with courses in so many subject areas. There are also helpful practice questions in some of the lessons.

9. TED [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

TED is an app that allows you to get content from influential speakers. The speakers featured on the app are based all around the world. There are so many different topics to choose from. 

10. Spotify [ iOS: FREE | Android: FREE | Desktop: FREE ]

Spotify is a music streaming service. It has a bunch of playlists that are great for studying or relaxation. Spotify also recommends playlists based on your recent streams.


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